Saturday, December 3, 2011

Qianhu Fish Farm

It's a lazy Saturday morning and we wanted something "easy" for an outing. So, off we went to the Qianhu Fish Farm. It's very accessible by public transport and weather proof. They offer a shuttle bus every half hourly to the farm. The bus schedule can be found here.

They even have their own lane at the berth.
The boys trying hard to balance on the railing.
Getting on the shuttle bus.
They were very happy with this bus as the door opens differently from the other buses they rode.
There were a few fish gallery where you can see all sorts of beautiful ornamental fish but today they were only interested in the Koi pond.
Because they love feeding the fishes.
Some old kiddy rides near the pond brighten their day too.
There's another pond where you can do some Long Kang fishing. K was very interested to "scoop water" but I didn't allow him. I need to think it over myself if this is right and how I can explain to him we shouldn't be doing it.   
There's a tortise pond there too but there's lots of mosquitos there! Y&K had some nasty bites.  
Y at the Fish Spa pond.
Rest your feet, grab a drink or snack while waiting for the shuttle bus.
All these photos were taken by Instagram. I'm so so hooked.   

Friday, December 2, 2011

Glittery Bottles

20111123_Glitter Bottles (6 of 7)
Y was in the middle of a meltdown when I carried him to my study room and while he was struggling, he hit the mouse and this page appeared on my screen.
glitter bottles
It was god sent.

Me: hey, look at this, let’s make a glitter bottle!
Y: Glitter bottle?

starts to wipe his tears and slowly calming down.

Y: Mummy… what’s a glitter bottle?
Me: Oh! Hrm… It’s a bottle… with glitter! Let’s get some glitter!

As I rummage through my craft shelf, ops…. no glitter. I think we have used it all up during our last messy painting session

Me: Oh… we have run out of glitter.
Y: I want glitter bottle.
Me: There’s no more glitter, let’s do other activities…
Y (starting to cry again): I WANT GLITTER BOTTLE!!!!


Me: Oh I know! It’s not going to be a glitter bottle, it’s a glittery bottle!
Y: I want a glittery bottle.

Great.. So I went round the house to look for something for our glittery bottle and thankfully he waited patiently. Here’s what I found. 

20111123_Glitter Bottles (1 of 7)

What You Need:
Glittery paper/ribbons cut into small pieces
Empty bottles (I used mineral water bottle)
Masking Tape/Duct Tape (to tape the bottle cap)

Just pour everything in and add water and oil. The water and oil ratio can vary. I find that 1/3 water and 2/3 oil is great. So you get the lava lamp effect. Don’t let your kids mix too much paint. The boys wanted so many colors and we just got ugly brown bottles. 
20111123_Glitter Bottles (3 of 7)
Luckily I remember I have some shimmering ribbons for the bottle. This add a nice effect to the bottle.
20111123_Glitter Bottles (4 of 7)
They can practice their pouring for fine motor skills too.
20111123_Glitter Bottles (5 of 7)
Y, exploring his glitter bottle. He wanted to make more but we don't have any more empty plastic bottle.
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