Monday, July 12, 2010

Playschool @ Home - Letter F Activities

Letter of the Week: F 
Vocabulary: Fish, Frog, Flag, Flower, Feather, Farmer, Firemen, Fruit 

Poetry: Far Far Away
Nursery Rhyme: Once I Caught A Fish Alive
Field Trip: Fish Farm

We concentrated on letter recognition last week.

We did letter tracing (or rather scribbles) with crayon with the letter F template from First School.

Uppercase Letter F Craft - Pasted flower cut outs on Letter F cut out.

Lowercase Letter F Craft - Pasted feathers on Letter F.

At the end of these exercise, both Y&K can pronounce F.

Over the weekend, I did a mini test using magnet letters on a white board. K was able to identify the letter F, in upper and lowercase.

Today, I had a Rice sensory bin for them again with magnet letters and they picked up the letter F and said "F".

Other F related activities we did last week:

We colored a flower. Check out the one on the right by K. He was really coloring! I saw that he was trying his best to fill that area with Brown.

I gave them a blank fish shape and I drew the eyes, scales, etc together with them.

Our National Day is around the corner, I got them each a small Singapore flag and they had fun waving them.

We went to Qian Hu Fish Farm over the weekend for their field trip and they enjoyed it. But I didn't manage to take any photos as I brought my camera out without the memory card! When we came back from the field trip, they were able to say the word "fish"! 

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