Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Product Review: Do A Dot Art

I've been seeing many homeschoolers using these Do A Dot markers online. But what really made me want to buy these is when I saw the young toddler at No Time for Flash Cards using the dot markers making this pirate hat craft. The others were much older kids. So I went looking for this at many craft shops but was unable to find it. I finally found some information about the sale of this at local parenting forums and made a trip down to Thomson Plaza to buy this. It's costly, cost me S$37.50 for 6 tubes. But this is a great beginner craft paint for toddlers as the boys intuitively turned the bottle over and start banging hard on the paper to create the dots without any demostration of how to use it.

The paint, though indicated as washable are hard to wash off from the little hands and the sponge can't stand abuse, just a short 15 minutes of "banging" from my boys, I see some tear but it's still alright to use with no spills. They were thrilled to see the dots and Y started dragging the tube across the paper and created lines. I think it's a great craft tool, just that it's overpriced.

Disclosure: This is a personal review and opinions are my own.

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