Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Homemade ABC Book

There are many versions of homemade or DIY ABC books out there on the web. Here's a few:

Alphabet Mini Books from First School
Printables from Enchanted Learning
Photo version by Carina Gardner - I love this!

Here's my version.

I will print some words and pictures of words starting with the letter of the week. I try for 5 words per weeks but that's actually quite a lot and sometimes we take 2 weeks to cover the 5 words. I find 3 words per week to be more comfortable for their age (currently 18 months). I will paste the cards on their learning poster after introducing the words to them and we will review the words as and when they look at the board. 

At the end of the week, during the weekend, we will review the words again and I will cut them into smaller pieces for them to glue on to the page. I also have alphabet cut outs in Upper and Lowercase for them to paste on though they are really more interested in taking them off the page most of the time.
After we are done with the pasting, we will review the letters that were done previously. They are enjoying their ABC book so far, the tearing part more. So, if you have young children like mine, you have to print on card stock and print extras.

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