Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Montessori at Home - Encouraging Independence

I set up an area at our foyer for them since they were 15 months so they could get their own shoes and caps to get ready to go out. They have learnt to get their shoes from the rack and get their caps when we ask them to get ready. K will even get my shoes for me sometimes. We are still working on having them put their shoes back on the rack when we come home. At other times, when we are not going out, this is the scenario.

Y, helping K to put on his cap

Y: "I should put on mine too"
K: "Don't forget your shoes"
Y&K: "All set but where's Mum?"

And sometimes, they will go "Oh... we are not going out? Waaahhhhhhhhhh" when reality strikes.

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