Monday, July 26, 2010

Letter G Activities - Alphabet Crafts

Last week was a really bad school week as the boys were having very bad teething days. They were extremely irritable and fight over every single thing in sight. We have pencils and brushes flying all over the house. I got a brush right at my face from Y. So, most of the activities had to be stopped midway.

Letter of the Week: G
Vocabulary: Garden, Guitar, Go, Green. Grass
Nursery Rhyme: Mary Mary, Quite Contrary

Lowercase G Craft (see above picture)
I had shredded Green paper to resemble Grass to paste on the alphabet cut out. The didn't want any "grass" on their letter and threw a tantrum when I showed them how to paste the paper.

Uppercase G Craft
We had all things Green for the alphabet cut out, Green Colored Pencils, Paint, Do A Dot, Markers, etc. We stopped when the Green brush came right in my face.

Alphabet Coloring
 Check out K's grumpy face

As I was busy breaking fights the whole day, we didn't manage to go into the Garden theme that I had planned but we still read a lot.

I'm so glad the week has passed and this week seems to have started on a good note. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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