Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Club Med Bintan

I can't say it was a great trip but I can't say it's all bad too. It was just very stressful during the nights and the first day was bad because I think we made a mistake of not preparing them well enough for the trip. We should have explained to them before hand what is a vacation and what can they expect from a vacation. But overall, other than very bad nights where they took turns to be in my arms most of the time, I think they enjoyed themselves.

K, playing with his car on the ferry. They are very into Cars, Buses and Train.
K, enjoying his bus ride.
We took a walk around the resort when we reach there and this is Y, enjoying his walk.

The boys enjoyed watching the children rehearsing on the stage. Y's eyes were still fixed on the stage when I grabbed him for a photo.
After a tiring day of no naps. Y was overtired and kept crying. I had to carry him from 8 plus onwards and he only fell asleep at 11 plus at night. K was also crying before that. Then Y woke up at 5 plus in the morning. Then he found that the door was fun when the sun came up. This is his highlight of the trip.
Look at that happy face.
Not long after this, there was a round of struggle as he found that slamming the door is fun.
Y had to take a nap as he woke up so early and we were unable to make K sleep as he woke up much later. I thought it's pointless for him to stay in the room and got his Dad to bring him to the beach. The beach is something Y missed out a lot because it rained in the afternoon and we didn't get to go to the beach and the sand was still wet from the rain the next day.
There was no playground at the resort but there was a playroom. As it was raining, we brought the boys down and they were thrilled to see these cars.
Y in Blue and K in Red

Our 3 days 2 nights Bintan trip ended the next day with a walk down the beach.

Lessons I learnt from this trip:
  • Prepare your children for the trip. Show them pictures, talk to them and tell them what they can expect. 
  • Never skip a nap.

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