Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Drumming Fun

This craft can be found at No Time for Flash Card. I find this craft very suitable for young toddlers. My boys are now 20 months and this is perfect for them.

What You Need:
Milk Tin or any tin/container
Dark colored paper to cover the milk tin
Tracing paper or tissue paper in another color. I cut out diamond shapes as we are learning Diamond this week
Chopsticks as drumsticks

The boys started applying the glue on the milk tins

I pasted the Black construction paper and they pasted the diamond shapes paper on it

They started drumming in the afternoon when the glue dried.
They even explored the two sides of the milk tin because they make different sounds. We also use our hands to tap on the drum.
I like crafts that double up as a toy! They have a new toy and they are still playing with it today after making it yesterday.

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