Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sensory Craft Beads

What You Need:
Craft Beads
A big container to contain the craft beads
Containers of different sizes
Scoops/cups/spoons of different sizes and design
A Funnel
Magnet letters for some letter hunt fun

  • Pour the craft beads into a big bowl or bin
  •  I put some magnet letters in the bowl and they sink to the bottom. The boys were surprised to find some letters at the bottom of the bowl.

  • Have some containers of different sizes and add a funnel for them to pour the beads into. Prepare different types of scoops/cups/spoons for them to start pouring.

Y busy pouring

 Always check how breakable are the containers you offer to your kids. I was careless. I wanted something tall and heavy so the container won't fall easily but I didn't test if the container is safe enough and Y broke it, very easily. We had a hard time trying to get the boys' hands off the glass bits and cleaning up.

Accidents happen, though this could and should have been prevented but the boys still had fun with this sensory pouring activity with some letter surprise.

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