Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Playschool @ Home - July Week 4

Letter of the Week: H
Vocabulary: House, Hug
Song: Let's Build a House.

Theme of the Week: Pirate Adventure

The letter of the week was H but they didn't seem very interested in doing letter activities last week. I'm thinking of coming up with more interesting alphabet crafts or other letter recognition activities with them as after so many weeks, they don't seem to be very interested in pasting things on the letter cut out.

We did more playing, as usual...

They helped out with the housework. K wiping the mirrors.
And Y sweeping the floor.
They learnt the word "push" and "pull" and they practice saying it while pushing and pulling the drawers. They can read these 2 words and I'm so thrilled to hear them read. I let them play with these plastic drawer unit but not the wooden ones.
I put out 3 colored plates with a box of poms poms. They were more interested in their other toys then but when I left the room and went back, I was surprised to see K sorting the poms poms all by himself and he FINISHED the whole box! I took the pictures secretly as I didn't want to distract him. 

They were guinea pigs for their grandmother to practice her hair cutting skills. My Mom has a sudden interest in hair styling and she was very eager to try it out on the boys. This is K, he seems to know my Mom is not a pro with a look of apprehension on his face . 

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