Monday, August 9, 2010

Off to a Holiday

Last week had been a hectic week. I was busy with my work and preparing for a getaway. And I'm falling sick. Not just me, the whole family is falling sick for the trip. Y&K are having runny nose and Y was feeling a little feverish yesterday after we came back from the Istana Open House. My husband is not feeling too good too. The visit was a mistake, we were so ill prepared.

With Y feeling unwell and K catching the virus today, I was contemplating on canceling this much awaited trip. I have not been out of Singapore for almost 3 years! And it's a big deal for me. I was dying to go for a getaway and it took me a lot to pluck up the courage to bring the twins for a trip out of town.

Near to tears and so disappointed that we might not be able to make it, my dearest husband just assured me that everything will be ok and Y did wake up from his nap looking better. So off I went to pack our stuff and we are keeping our fingers crossed for the trip tomorrow. Wish me luck! 

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