Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Letter J Craft - J is for Jellyfish

We did a Letter J craft.

What You Need:
Paper Plates
Streamers made from Crepe Paper/Tissue Paper/Ribbons, etc
Googly Eyes (optional, the eyes can be drawn)
Stickers (optional too but my sons love them)

I broke down this craft into few parts due to their very grouchy mood and short attention span.

Part 1: Cut the paper plate in half and let them color

Part 2: I gave them dot stickers to paste on the streamers that I have cut out.

Part 3:
- I had double sided tape at the back of the paper plate and they attached the streamers.
- They pasted the googly eyes with my help
- I drew the mouth of the jellyfish
- They asked for more stickers for their jellyfish. They are still crazy over transportation. That's the reason why you are seeing a scooter sticker on the jellyfish.


  1. Soooo cute!!!!! I love it!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. THIS IS PERFECT!!! Yep I shouted :) - I have Children's Story Time tomorrow and just realized I hadn't planned a craft for our letter of the week J - We are so making Jelly Fish (I think I even have a bunch of paper plates cut in half already), hmm wonder if we have blue tissue or crepe paper, oh well they will be whatever color I have :) - thanks for the great idea!!! Kim from PA


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