Saturday, October 30, 2010

Writing and Drawing Practice - With Sand

Eversince the small "accident" we had after our first Sand Sensory Play at home, we did not touch the bag of sand I bought. I didn't want to let it go to waste, especially after so much effort of finding it and lugging the 10kg load back home on public transport. I decided to do some writing and drawing practice with them today. Papa is home to join us in this activity, which is great because it's also safer with another adult supervising the activity.

What You Need:
2 trays or any shallow dish or container
Play Sand
Sticks (optional, I used disposable chopsticks)

I had originally wanted them to write/draw with their fingers but they refused to let go of their new motorbikes and were a little finicky about having sand on their fingers. I find it very weird. They don't think twice to touch the sand when we are at a beach but they need lots of encouragements to touch it when we are home. I guess Sand and Home just don't go together. :)

We went through some of the alphabets that had been taught and drew some objects that starts with the letter.

We used sticks to draw and smoothen the sand for new drawing.

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