Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sensory Sand Tub

I had been looking for play sand for the longest time and I was elated when I saw ELC selling them. So, I happily lugged the pack of 10kg sand home and couldn't wait to let them play with it. I think sand play is so fun but the boys don't get to play with sand very much. That is because there aren't any sand pits near our home and the beach is too far and dangerous for me to be bringing two toddlers alone.

I filled two tubs with the play sand and gave them their sand tools to play with. K was uncomfortable with the feel of sand on his hands (he is getting a little finicky about things on his hands). The funny thing is, he was alright when we were at the beach few weeks back but was uncomfortable with sand at home. The sand was moist enough and it's so easy to mould them into shapes.

My mum came over and the boys kept asking her for help with scooping the sand into the containers. 

This is Y
This is K

All was well and fun until Y accidentally got some sand got into his eyes and he started rubbing his eyes with his hands full of sand. He got very upset and started screaming when we held his hands to stop him from getting more sand into his eyes. We had a huge struggle trying to get him into the bathroom to wash the sand off his face and hands. K was a little shocked by what happened to his brother and got upset too when we got him to wash up.

And with that, their grandmother issued an ultimatum that no sand play is allowed at home.

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