Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Brotherhood - When there's only Love

K gave me a scare the other day when he dashed into the lift on his own without us. He will always run to the lift and wait for us when he alight from the school bus. But this time, he didn't realize that we stopped to help Y with his water bottle and he went in thinking we are close behind. I couldn't catch the lift in time. I knew he would press our level and I quickly rang my mum who is at my home to go out to the lift but she took very long to pick up the phone and it was too late. When I went up, I saw the lift went down to level 1. I asked my mum to take care of Y while I go look for K. When Y saw K went in the lift alone, he was very worried. He kept asking me "Where is K?" and he was close to tears.

I took the lift down to the ground floor and thankfully K was there but I don't know why he was walking towards the direction of the activity area. I shouted out to him and he quickly ran back to me and hugged me. He wasn't crying but looked a little startled. After he hugged me, he looked at me with a worried face, and asked, "Mummy, where is Y?" It touched me so much that they were on each other's mind when a "mini emergency" like this happened.

When we went up to our level, Y was still outside, my mum said he refused to go in and wanted to wait for K. The brother started their usual cuddling fight (more like squashing) when reunited and all was well. It didn't take long for them to enter a fight but I'm so happy that they care so much about each other.  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

$2 fun - Slime Sensory Play

What can you get with $2?

- a tub of slime

Which will in turn give you

- a peaceful dinner
- priceless laughter from your kids

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