Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crayons on Construction Cars

This saved me from a meltdown one evening. They were already in their PJs when they asked to color. They soon got bored with crayons and asked to paint. It was close to their bedtime and I really don't want to do a major clean up. So, I refused and they were all ready to rant. They had their Bob the Builder toys with them and I quickly took out a roll of masking tape and taped the crayons to the builders to make it look interesting. Phew... thank god, this got their attention and they calmed down. I doubt I will be able to handle another double meltdowns. I've had too many for the day.

What You Need:
Any cars
Masking Tape

K, rolling his tractor with crayons. The crayons were taped really badly in my haste.


  1. This is truly hilarious! That's quick thinking of you to avoid getting the paints out. Mine always ask to paint just before dinner or some other really inopportune moment...

    Arrived here via Picklebums

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for reading. Yes! Kids just love bad timing. :)

  3. Fun idea! My 34 month old isn't much of a colorer, but I bet he would enjoy this! We'll have to try is soon. Thanks for the idea!

    I'm following you now too :)

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