Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cooking with Toddlers: Pizza Making

My boys love Pizza. I guess this is the power of media. They have been seeing Pizza on books and TV. And they asked for Pizza before they even know how it taste. We brought them to Pasta Mania one day for Pizza and they were so so so happy. Thereafter, they keep asking for Pizza for their meals. We thought it's healthier to have homemade pizza and why not make it with them. So, here we have, our first family cooking activity.

What You Need:
Tortilla Wrap
Ingredients for Pizza (we use Brown Mushrooms, Ham, Bell Pepper)
Tomato Paste 

I used Tortilla Wrap as the base. There are ready made frozen pizza crust at supermarkets too or if you are a good cook, you can make your own dough for the base. Cut up all the ingredients and give them to the kids to place on the base. Spread some tomato paste or ready made pasta sauce on the base. Top it with cheese before popping it in the oven.
K putting the ingredients for his Pizza

Nothing to do with Pizza but I just love this shot of Y.


K, waiting patiently for Daddy to cut up the Pizza.


K: "I can't wait!!!"
The happy boy who just finished his Pizza.
K: "Yum"

K: "Yum Yum"

"Pizza pizza, nothing beats a pizza. It's my tummy's favorite." Song from Barney's Adventure Bus,


  1. I did this with my girls a while ago but we made our own dough, I like it that you use the tortilla wraps that will make it easier and faster, I love it!!! thank you! I love cooking with my girls, they learn so much. Your boys are adorable!!!


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