Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sensory Play - Paint Table

The boys are not into messy play. They don't like to get their hands dirty! But I WANT them to! They refused to do hand painting. So, here's my trick. I lured them to the paint table with cars. Ha!

What You Need:
Small Table
Plastic Sheet (to wrap the table top)
Car (optional... you only need them as a bait)

They were shaking their heads when asked to go to the paint table but they dashed to the table once the cars were out.
K rolling the car.
Hah! Y finally used his fingers! And he told me he was drawing a train.
And then his hands! K followed suit when he saw Y having fun.
Y: "oh oh... dirty hands"
Misson success! This is a great activity. Cars are a nice addition. It was nice to see the wheels texture on plastic. it's nicer than on paper. And they explored the smooth texture of plastic with paint. They were at the table for 40 mins. K was reluctant to leave the table and I had a hard time coaxing him into giving the fire engine a car wash.

I think a great way to preserve the "painting" is to press a big piece of paper over the plastic. I didn't do that this time but will definitely try it the next time round.

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  1. ha...mummy know them best: using cars as bait!


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