Monday, September 6, 2010

Bus Themed Craft

My boys are very crazy over transportation, cars, buses, train, etc. So, I did a bus themed craft with them. I printed the template from First School.

What You Need:
Construction Paper
Cut out bus template

It's so simple, I trace the windows on the bus body to guide them a bit with the pasting. Older kids can do without this. We counted the windows as well. We talked about the parts of the bus when we were crafting.

Y, applying glue on the bus body
K, still trying to apply glue though he is done with his craft. 
The boys loved their cousins a lot. They refused to nap and keep asking for their cousin on Sunday. So, we decided to bring them to my mum's place where the cousins gathered. I asked the boys if they would like to give the bus craft to their cousin as a present and they were happy with the idea. I want them to learn the art of giving. They loved this craft they made so much but they were willing to give. Till today, they were still saying, "Gor Gor... bus...". Seems like they were telling me that they gave their bus to their cousin and that's so sweet.

K, in the lift, excited about giving his bus craft to his cousin.
K, passing his present to his cousin. My nephew was so surprised and happy to receive the gift.

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