Thursday, September 16, 2010

K is for Textured Kite

Another Kite craft we did last week for Letter K. We did a kite with 4 different materials.

What You Need:
Construction paper
Marker to draw a kite on paper
4 types of different materials for them to paste on the kite.

The 4 materials I chose were:
  • Glitter Foam (rough)
  • Corrugated Paper (uneven)
  • Tracing Paper (smooth and transulcent)
  • Hearts Sequins (Shiny)
I cute the glitter foam and corrugated paper into triangles for them to paste on the kite. I let them explore the different textures.
We then pasted triangle cut out from tracing paper. We also revised the shape, Triangle.
The sequins next.
Let dry and let them touch the different textures again when they dry.

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