Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Encouraging Children to Make Better Choices

I had been following Doctor's Becky A.Bailey's Conscious Discipline on Facebook since reading her book, Easy to Love, Difiicult to Discipline. 

Today, they posted below on their Facebook page. What a timely reminder. I need to remind myself to encourage my children. I'm guilty of having a sharp tongue and using it on the boys. This morning, I got cranky myself while coaching them.

Encouraging Children Who Have Made Poor Choices
We all make inappropriate choices. The last thing we need is a lecture. Focus on encouraging children to solve their own problems. Some examples include:
πŸ’™ You almost did it. You were so close. Try again. You just need some practice. 
πŸ’™ I am confidant you will think of another way to handle this.
πŸ’™ You'll figure out a way to be helpful. I know you. Inside, you don't like to be hurtful.
πŸ’™ That's a rough spot you are in, but I know you can work it out. Let me know if you need help. 
πŸ’™ Oops! We all make mistakes. What could you do now that would be helpful?
πŸ’™ You can do it.
As always, we wish you well!


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