Monday, June 28, 2010

Kids Bento

I was beginning to panic when Y refused to eat anything and was on a milk diet due to sickness for more than 10 days. I saw some cute accessories for Bento making at Daiso one day and I bought these to make something special for him in the hope that he would at least eat some food.     

Lunch Boxes, Bread Cutter, Food Dividers, Silicon Penguin and Bear Shaped Jelly Cup, Sauce Bottles

And I was elated when Yuan managed to finish 3/4 of it and K almost finished his and a small bowl of porridge.

Y&K enjoying their bento

What's in the Bento?

From Left: Steamed Long Beans with Cherry Tomatoes, Tofu Nuggets (recipe can be found here), Breaded Baked Fish, Homemade Tomato Sauce in Sauce Container. 
(The sauce container was a hit, they were happily licking the sauce off container at the end of the meal)

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