Sunday, January 16, 2011

Easel Painting

I always thought easel painting looks fun but I wonder if that is necessary. After reading a few articles online about Easel Painting by Teach Preschool and Irresistable Ideas for Play Based Learning, I got even more interested in how easel painting could benefit my boys. I did more research and basically the biggest difference between painting on tabletop and easel is the perspective and a different experience. They also use different muscles.

My conclusion is, it's not necessary but a good to have. I still decide to get them an easel, or rather, I requsted for an easel for their birthday. They are blessed with doting generous aunties and one of them got them this Crayola Double Easel which is great when you have 2 kids. We tried painting over the weekend and they seem to like it a lot.  

Here's K painting away.
They like to move to each other's spaces to "help".
Y looks like a pro, doesn't he?


  1. I love how they are painting together! What a wonderful gift - yes - he looks like a pro!!

  2. I love it too though Y got irritated with K's helpfulness sometimes. :)


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