Monday, January 10, 2011

Singapore Science Centre

We went to the Singapore Science Centre last month. We weren't sure if the Science Centre is toddler friendly but was pleasantly surprised that though they can't understand much, they enjoyed the place very much. 

K, looking at an exhibit that probably doesn't make much sense to him.
One of their favorite exhibit, let's make some noise music!
Drumming time for K
Y: "I can do this too"
They enjoyed this Water Play section very much too.
K, trying to turn the wheel.
Another highlight, they love this Play House and spent a long time here while we take a break. We were so tired chasing them around! Thank god there were 2.
We will definitely go again. This is one of the cheapest attraction in Singapore. Cost $9 for adults. So reasonable compared to $18 for Bird Park or the Zoo. Many exhibits were not working properly but the boys enjoyed pressing buttons and waiting for something to happen. An excellent indoor activity. There's also a water park which looks quite fun but it was drizzling that day and the boys didn't have a chance to try. Y was shouting "water!" all the way when we walked pass it.

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