Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Planting Seeds

An introduction to Gardening.

What You Need:
Plastic Containers
Cotton Wool
Beans (I used Green Beans)
Spray Bottle (optional but it's a must to get my boys interested)

Just lay the seeds on the cotton wool and spray water on it. I had to do everything until the spraying part as the boys were not interested at all.
See how a spray bottle transformed a grumpy boy to a happy boy?
Another grumpy boy pushing the beans to me until his brother sprayed water on his face. The beans were being neglected, they derived more joy at spraying themselves and each other.


  1. Great activity! I'll do that with Sophia today. I love your posts and all your ideas...you are creative, Serene.

  2. Thanks! I'm happy you like it. I hope Sophia enjoys it. Y&K were in grouchy mood but at least they enjoyed spraying. :)


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