Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Painting with Homemade Paint

After the last messy painting session, a friend gave me a splendid idea of making my own paint. I have never thought of making my own paint. It sounds like a crazy idea for a twin mom. My hands and legs (literally) are kept busy countering their fights and meltdowns, “Where got time?” (in Singlish) But since I’m not willing to part with more money paint for another painting session, I kept that in mind but I didn’t expect to do it so soon.

Y crept up to my computer sneakily on this day and saw the pictures of the messy painting after I finished blogging. K was rummaging the shopping bag and dug out the squeeze bottles that I bought. They were a steal at S$0.40 each at Japan Home and I swept the whole shelf. Then they started harassing me to let them paint.

Of course I’m not willing to take out my brand new bottles of Crayola paint so I told them we are going to make our own. It’s so easy that I managed to whip something out when I have no idea at all how to start. I simply put some corn flour and water in a pot and put to boil on the stove. While waiting for the starch to cool, I got out my box of water color tubes and let them choose their own colors to put into the squeeze bottles. After that, pour the starch in and shake. Tata!
20111102_painting with corn starch (6)
Ok, I know this sounds like crap tutorial but since it was so impromptu, I didn’t know how much flour and water I used and with sticky hands, it was not possible to take pictures while doing it and making sure that my 2 toddlers won’t fight themselves to death or run round the house with the corn starch. I will do this again and next time, I’m gonna share with you a better tutorial.
Here’s Paint in Progress.
20111102_painting with corn starch (1)

20111102_painting with corn starch (7)

20111102_painting with corn starch (9)
Y was making tracks with the paint.
20111102_painting with corn starch (10)
K kept shouting "My car is stuck in the mud!!" while painting.


  1. wow.. it really sounds like a great idea! the speed that my boys uses up the paint is astonishing, this would be a great way to save money. :D

  2. yes CY, you should try! It's so easy!!I often feel bad that I "control" the amount of paint during some painting sessions. On those days when I don't, I can see all my dollar signs running away. hah.


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