Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Outsourcing Parenting - How much did you outsourced?

I came across this term, "Outsource Parenting" from a post by Blinky Mummy which sounded amusing to me initially. But when I gave it a deeper thought, many families I see may have a problem of outsourcing too much. Be it to maids, grandparents, enrichment centres, child care centres, televisions, iphone, ipad, etc.

And I'm on the other end of the spectrum which is bad too as I'm like a mad woman everyday because the only thing I outsourced was Preschool. I admit I gave homeschooling a serious thought before. Thank god I didn't have the courage to go with it and we found a great preschool in our area.
How much did you outsource?


  1. Agree on the point that parents cannot outsource parenting. However, I feel that the situation needs to be looked at holistically. The child(ren) can learn from various people, and that's what real life is. Learning from different people, environment, factors.

    The only difference is that at the early age, the parents/guardians need to guide the child(ren) and work together with the other caregivers to help the kids build and define their character, to help the kids grow and perhaps inculcate the values into them.
    Outsource, insource, or DIY -- the method doesn't matter, what matters is what would work in that family. The saying - It takes a village to bring up kids, is something I agree with.

  2. I agree with you totally. "It takes a village to bring up kids" I wish I have a village to depend on!


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