Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Light Sticks Fun

lightsicks fun-1
Some call it light sticks and some glow sticks. Whatever you call it, it’s sure to guarantee lots of fun.
The boys were having so much fun drawing with it. Can you make out some of the letter we wrote with the sticks? The bad is, they got a little too stimulated for bed after. I read a tip on how to preserve the sticks and it worked! It’s very easy too, just put the sticks in the freezer and it will last you another 3 days.

Here's a video, you can't see much but their giggles tells you all.


  1. My kids love glow sticks too -try putting them in the bathtub!

  2. That sounds like a great idea! Another way for me to get them in the bath. Thanks!


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