Monday, July 4, 2011

Sand and Water Play at Home

sand&water Play
I loved the Sand and Water table by ELC but since we lived in a flat, that is out of the question. When I saw that they are selling the sand and water table accessories at 20% off, I couldn’t resist and got it home. Hmm… just playing with water don’t seem fun enough, so I thought I’ll make my own sand and water table alternative.

I hesitated to do this as I have no domestic maid to help me clean up now! But how can I deprive my kids of some sand and water fun? So, the very noble side of me went ahead and was scolding myself how silly I was when I spent an hour washing up and cleaning up the sand. But the boys had a really good time. I’m sure I swore I’ll never do this again while cleaning, I think I might take back my words now that I recalled how happy they were. Mummies have bad memory, that's why people have 2nd birth. But I need to think of better cleaning strategy before attempting again.Smile with tongue out

What You Need:
2 pails/container (1 for water and 1 for sand)
Masking tape to tape the toy to the pails/containers
Plastic sheet for the floor

Top view. I didn't have too much sand and water but had to add more as they got frustrated as they got little.
20110601_PS_Sand and Waterplay (4 of 10)
Caged boys. I locked them in during the preparations and they were really excited to see what I was setting up. They dashed out when I opened the gate! 
20110601_PS_Sand and Waterplay (10 of 10)-1
K was so thrilled to see the water and sand flowing down, spinning the wheel.
Happily playing with my sand and water table alternative.

This is really fun but a word of caution. This is not for the faint heart! hah...

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