Monday, July 18, 2011

Time, is what I can give them.

I like them to run in the park and tell me, “Mummy, I want to fly…”
20110603_Jurong Bird park (43 of 53)
I like them to give his brother a hug while watching ducks swimming the water
20110603_Jurong Bird park (27 of 53)
I like them to indulge in their pretend play, bringing their Teddy for a trip to supermarket to buy me washing powder and apple juice.
20110624_Trolley_effects (9 of 14)-1
I like them to spend an afternoon just watching the water at the reservoir.
20110521_seletar reservoir (8 of 31)
I like them to sneak up to the piano at my sister’s place and bang their fingers on the keyboard while singing the ABC song.
20110529_Ancel's 5 Birthday (11 of 44)
For all the things I like, I have to give them time. Time to do nothing and enjoy their childhood. And time for me to enjoy watching them grow.

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