Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bad Day

A bad day is when
  • Your twins refused to go home after school and ran to the playground on their own. After giving in and setting some rules, they don't stick to your agreement of going home after the last time down the slide. That means struggling home with 2 uncooperative screaming kicking toddlers. Lugging them home probably require the strength of 2 well built men but there's only 1 petite Mom.
  • Your twins refused to get in the room for story time before nap resulting in another calm down time. 
  • When they finally nap and you were trying to get a plumber to fix your kitchen sink, you were told to get a handyman and after making several calls, you were told that you need a renovator contractor instead. After getting a contractor, your heart sank when he said you probably need to replace quite a few things to fix this and that means "expensive job".  
  • You thought everything is good when the boys woke up from their nap looking happy. So you happily took out some paint and did a painting activity which then lead to frustration when the paper was torn and that caused an 1 hour plus epic double meltdown marathon which you have no idea how to end it.
  • One of them decided to have another meltdown during dinner and pinched you real hard that got you fuming mad and you felt like giving him one tight slap. He kept repeating yes when you ask him if it is right to pinch. He refused to say sorry and said sorry to his brother instead of you to spike you.    
  • When you finally made him admit his mistake, the other twin suddenly burst into cries and ask to paint again. 
  • When the torturous dinner is finally over and they were playing with their buses happily and you really thought that the bad day should really come to an end, one of them needed to poo but refused to go to the potty because he wanted to play with his bus. When you finally got him there, he refused to sit down and just kept crying for his bus and starting pooing all over the floor, on his legs and on his clothes and was fighting to get out of the bathroom with poo all over him. At this same time, the other twin was crying to go to the potty too and you had no idea how you managed to get him up on the toilet seat while stopping the other crying twin with poo all over him from dashing out of the bathroom. 
Now, totally beat and drained in my own calm down place, my husband is back from work and I believe the bad day is really coming to an end. I hope. 


  1. Hi,it's a really tiring day for you. **pat pat** At least you handle it so well and managed to deal with them calmly.

    I can understand the frustration when need to deal with kids' temper and meltdown, and for you is everything x2 which is not really not easy.

    I think you are one superb mummy with great patience!!! :D

  2. Calmly? Ops, I think I forgot to mention that my voice is now hoarse as I had been screaming like a mad mom the whole day! :P

    Thanks for your kind words, the morning went past peacefully and I hope it remain this way. :)


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