Thursday, August 4, 2011

Drawing with Charcoal

charcoal drawing

I’m a junk collector and that explains the mountains of clutter in my home. I’ll be sure to find something for the boys to play with whenever I attempt to clear my clutter. This time, I found a box of art charcoal. We bought them a long time ago for a wall mural project in our home but it didn’t get to be used. So I thought I will let the boys draw with it. It created unexpected mess. It’s not easy to wash off, the furniture, the hands and their clothes.

charcoal draw

I thought the charcoal produced quite nice effect.


K was exploring how he could blend the charcoal.

20110715_charcoal drawing (11 of 11)

I used a piece of tissue paper to clean his hands and he used it to blend the charcoal. It created a cool effect on his paper. After this activity, I got 2 pairs of charcoal hands, 2 sets of charcoal shirt and pants, 2 charcoal chairs, a charcoal table and lots of charcoal tissue paper.

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