Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chinese Learning - with dots

Chinese is one area that I thought I made the most effort in with the least results. I have been trying my very best to speak to them in Mandarin since birth but their first words were still English and once they became verbal, it was almost impossible to speak to them in Mandarin. I was determined to improve things when I hear the singing accent when they try to speak Mandarin.

Other than trying to speak to them in Mandarin as often as I can, I now try to conduct our activities in Mandarin and do more crafts in the Chinese learning.

On this day, we were revising Chinese numbers 1-4. We did dot painting with cotton swabs on the Chinese characters and they didn't reject the activity like how they reject Chinese books. This is a good start. They normally screamed "No!!!" when they see me with something Chinese, especially Y.

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