Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Exploring Different Surface for Painting

The start of the year is always a time for reflection and I've been holding on to the activities I have planned for them and thinking what is my directions for them and also letting them adjust to their new school. After putting in a lot of thought, our focus for 2012 for them is still providing lots of outdoor play, open ended art and lastly and most importantly, Chinese!! More on Chinese learning on later posts but let's see what we have here today.

My boys love painting. I found them a school that does a lot of painting but they don't seem to have enough in school. They still ask to paint when they come home. There are times when I'm totally lazy to clean up and was even guilty of dissuading them! But most of the time, I try to oblige and will try to add some twist to their regular painting sessions to keep the interest going.

I provided them different surface to paint and also different materials for them to paint with.  The most interesting material for them today was the craft beads and they enjoyed adding them to their masterpieces.

K's work with a splash of red and craft beads.
Y, getting his hands ready for a hand print.
They started painting on the white paper only and didn't touch the plastic and styrofoam at all. It took a bit of encouragement to get them to paint on other surface. Hmm.... I should provide them with more variety of painting surface. Once they get used to the idea that they can paint on other surface other than paper, they were happily exploring around and Y did a nice piece of work on his styrofoam board. I hung Y's styrofoam board and K's paper pieces on our "wall of fame" but Y insist that his brother's styrofoam art should be hung too. So, there they are.

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