Monday, February 20, 2012

Dot Art with Circle Stickers

Read about Pointillism art in one of the art books the other day and got me very interested in Dots. And that made last week a week of Dots and the first dot related activity we did was just making patterns freely with circle label stickers that are easily available at stationery stores. I got all the sizes available and I like the vibrant colors they come in.

In this activity, they...
  • learnt about Big, Medium and Small
  • learnt about Colors
  • learnt about Shapes.
  • counted
  • practiced fine motor skills, esp with the small ones!
  • made patterns, lots and lots of patterns.
  • made trains with circles.
And it was a lot of fun... all under the cost $5 for all the pretty circle stickers.   


  1. Cool idea. There are so many open-ended ways to play

    1. Thanks! It's really simple and yet so cool. :)


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